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Here is a short devotional from our In hundreds of cities across the nation we have seen the people gathered in response to a great tragedy. The teary eyed crowds congregating in churchyards, village squares, and on courthouse lawns, candles raised high, represent what’s right with America. Voices raising “God Bless America” and “Amazing Grace” can be heard in each and every city as neighbor comforts neighbor, friend and family. (Matt 25:35,36, Luke 10:27,28)

BLESSED is the nation whose God is the Lord,” wrote the Psalmist. (Psa 33:12) To be sure, America’s past is full of mistakes, we have not always exhibited the traits of a “Christian” nation. Yet, the Good Lord has seen fit to BLESS us - a nation whose founding principles of “liberty and justice for all” are firmly grounded on the Word of God. (Deut 5:6-21)

As long as there are Americans who reach out across their country and around the world with help for the hurting, comfort for the troubled, and Good News for those in despair, there will be a Blessing from God above.(Prov 14:34) As long as Americans pause to lend a helping hand; digging through the rubble of a devastated city, digging into their pockets, and into their hearts, America will be BLESSED (Matt 5:16)

As a great French statesman once noted, “ It is what makes America GOOD, that makes America great.” We pray that in the days ahead, America will bless God just as God has blessed America. Christian T-Shirts Designs

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